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Entrepreneurial everyday life increasingly involves financial and operational restructuring, driven by falling margins and prices, surprising slump in sales, loss of market share, changing customer needs, changed profit and loss sources, increasing organizational complexity, acute liquidity problems, etc.

If time is of the essence, a structured focus analysis is necessary, a feasible sanification or a comprehensive restructuring concept and a restructuring team that is able to implement given plans. Concentration of resources, simplicity and uniformity of action, freedom of action, ability to deal with conflict, communication, discipline, courage and assertiveness are decisive.


It is not necessarily difficult to define the necessary restructuring measures, but to implement them promptly and in depth, as well as the transparent and often simultaneous implementation of priority projects and the sustainable change in corporate culture, thinking and working patterns. Everything has to happen in parallel.

Task force and change management assignments require very experienced temporary managers. These special personalities must have leadership, social and methodological skills, stress resistance, assertiveness, immediately applicable work tools and freedom of implementation or a clear framework for action based on agreed goals.


We support our customers in coping with crisis, from analyzing the situation, identifying the causes of the crisis, defining the measures and projects, and implementing and controlling them with ongoing controlling and reporting.


Depending on the crisis stage, causes and liquidity situation, we recommend creating a focus analysis, a continuation concept or a comprehensive restructuring concept to solve the challenges.


Changes are much easier to manage with us

The automotive industry is facing constantly changing conditions. This requires major change processes in areas or sub-areas that are characterized by clear goals. We support companies on strategic, structural and cultural levels with consulting services, support in project management, training courses / workshops and field-proven experience for a sustainable and successful implementation of your change project:


  • New or developed corporate strategies

  • Changes in general, especially rapid growth or slump

  • Coping with unexpected crises

  • Changes in departments or branches

  • Growth through the acquisition of companies and their integration

  • Merger / aquisition

  • New internal organization

  • New sales channels


Every company has to adapt to changing conditions such as changing consumer behavior, sudden crises, technical developments in the automobile, electrification, digitalization, connectivity, to name just a few.


We offer the following elements:

  • Development and implementation of change strategies and projects

  • External process support

  • Develop internal training and workshops

  • Assessment of internal organization to enable implementation

  • Design and implementation of change measures

  • External change controlling

  • Experienced change managers in the management and implementation of change projects.


Implemented examples:


  • Accompanying a dealer in a change process through brand change and consistent internal restructuring at personnel, cost and process level.


  • Increasing entrepreneurial professionalization through the introduction of business and organizational elements within a large number of dealers of a national dealer network for an international manufacturer.


How we can successfully accompany a successor

Within a large number of companies, the succession plan is inadequate or not yet resolved.


We support you professionally in evaluating the different succession options and provide appropriate implementation concepts so that we can offer you targeted solutions when answering a wide range of questions. You benefit from our extensive know-how.


Our services rarely end with conceptual work, but are often accompanied by the accompanied implementation of the developed strategy up to the sale of the company or handover to the successor. Solutions are developed under strategic, legal, tax and economic aspects.


Implemented examples:


  • Creation of a succession strategy for a company with succession within the family, support in the finding phase and implementation, support of the successor in the implementation of the adapted corporate strategy.


  • Exchange of experience and workshops with participating dealers consisting of brand dealers from an entire dealer network organization. Guiding the participants to the creation of vision, succession strategy and implementation planning.


It is very important to us that you are well. That is why we are the right partner with the appropriate know-how if you need the basis for decisions

You need business industry know-how if you are looking for a partner in the area of ​​dealer business advice. We are the right partner, because we have in-depth knowledge of the local market and many years of international experience.


No matter whether in-house analyzes, development of visions and strategies, business planning or even performance optimization are required, we are your partner.


We focus on the following services:

  • Assessment and analysis of companies and their profitability

  • Creation of optimisation plans and support during implementation

  • Development of business plans for expansions, takeover of new business activities (e.g. new brands or business branches)

  • Development of visions and strategies for the company

  • P+L analysis, as well as the development of optimisation plans

  • Location analysis and feasibility check

  • Support during the budget phase and preparation of budgeting


Implemented examples:


  • Company comparisons within a dealer group in order to create benchmarking, which then results in measures to bring individual dealers back on track.

  • Development of a base for the validation of the takeover of new brand representations by dealers, preparation of risk analyzes, development and optimisation of commercial business.


Get the external know-how on time if needed

An interim manager is a flexible manager who can be used for bridging vacancies, in times of crisis, for project management or as a specialist. The interim manager absorbs management bottlenecks, brings more independence and thus gives companies a competitive advantage. An interim manager typically works under the following conditions:

  • Bridging a quantitative or qualitative bottleneck on the customer side

  • Temporary use

  • Assumption of a position in the first management level with authority to issue directives

  • Assumption of overall or partial project management

  • Executive coaching

  • Report to the board of directors or the management

For interim management, clients particularly appreciate the short-term availability of external managers, the efficient and fast staffing process and the timely implementation of upcoming projects. Interim managers are particularly in demand:

  • when making companies or parts of companies fit

  • in opening up new markets

  • in turnarounds

  • in the absence of know-how

  • during restructuring or sanification

  • to control and implement complex projects

  • when bridging vacancies.


In addition, clients use interim managers to obtain targeted specialist knowledge about suddenly occurring or long-lasting vacancies.


Don't leave commercial success to the product alone

In order to ensure the long-term development of your company, it is important to periodically critically examine the course of business. This task is relatively difficult for the entrepreneur, who is heavily involved in his daily activities and thereby sometimes loses his objective view. The original goals are worthy of being critically examined, because in the meantime reality has turned out differently than originally planned.
We support you in building a clear picture of the situation. Our experience gives you simple and efficient tools to strategically and successfully build your new organization.
With us you will then receive the action plan and the task list: You define all important stages and identify the required resources and competencies.
Depending on the development plan of your company, we will continue to support you.